Data collection, aggregation, and analysis underpin our strategies.
We use machine-learning, statistical modeling and pattern
recognition to create value for our clients.

Global Tactical
Asset Allocation


Focusing on asset allocation leads to a better Outcome.

Returns depend far more on which markets you choose and when, than on the individual securities you pick.

In 1998, 2001-02 and 2008, it didn’t matter which stocks you owned – if you were invested in stocks your portfolio likely suffered.

Sources of Variations in Performance


Our Focus: Asset Allocation


Industry Focus: Stock Picking

There may be entertainment value in championing individual stocks, and everybody likes a good story. However, we are not in the entertainment business. Our commitment is to better protect your money while delivering higher long-term returns. To do this, we focus on what really matters – asset allocation.

Source: Brinson, Hood, and Beebower, Financial Analysts Journal, 1986

A dynamic approach
leads to a better Outcome.

Most of the industry follows a static, buy-and-hold approach, whereby a client’s asset mix does not change, regardless of what is actually happening in markets.

By being static, investors can suffer severe losses in bear markets.

At Outcome, we believe that changes in financial markets are constant and inevitable, and that adjusting your portfolio accordingly is necessary to better protect and grow your money.

Go global

Investing globally provides access to a broader range of opportunities and greater diversification, which can improve the return and reduce the risk.

Many investors are concentrated in one country or region – their own.

Canadian investors, in particular, are often heavily weighted in a few sectors (financials, energy, and materials), and can have significant exposure to individual companies.

Not only does under-diversification lead to excessive risk and volatility, it can also result in missed opportunities. Investing globally is an integral component of our strategy.


The substantial growth and widespread adoption of ETFs has provided investors with opportunities that were previously available only to large, institutional investors.

At Outcome, we use ETFs to obtain efficient, highly diversified exposure to major asset classes around the globe.

We use low-cost, liquid ETFs to ensure:

  • Cost-effective diversification across major markets
  • Liquidity, so that your money is always readily available
  • Flexibility, so that we can adapt your portfolio to changing markets
Dynamic asset allocation
  1. 01. We adjust your portfolio to adapt to changing market conditions.
  2. 02. During periods of market stress, our strategies get defensive to better protect your money.
  3. 03. Conversely, when markets are trending positively our strategies shift to a pro-growth stance.
An Adaptive Approach to Investing
  1. step 1


    Higher Risk Assets
    e.g. Equities

    Lower Risk Assets
    e.g. Bonds

  2. step 2


  3. step 3


The trick in investing is not to lose money. That’s the most important thing. The losses will kill you. They ruin your compounding rate, and compounding is the magic of investing.
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